The IP Input¹ module is used to process and decode audio and video from incoming HTTP, RTP. RTSP, RTMP & (multicast) UDP streams. Typical use for this module is to ingest video from IP cameras. Popular codecs like H264, MJPEG and MPEGTS are all supported. Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.


Displays a dialog to enter the URL of the stream. Login details can be passed in the URL by inserting <user>:<password>@ before the IP address, e.g. rtsp://user:password@192.168...

Open Recent

Displays a list of recently opened URLs.

Option > Auto Reconnect

Automatically tries to re-establish the connection when lost.

Option > Frame Buffer Size

Because video over IP does not offer a steady stream of video frames (networks don't operate that way) a PLL is used to retrieve a stable clock. The size of its buffer is selected here (default 2). The trade-off here is frame dropping vs. latency and the best setting will depend on the quality of your network. If it is not possible to use flow control in your network, a buffer size equivalent to 300 ms may be necessary to overcome TCP ACK timeouts.

¹ Available upon request.