Bug reports are appreciated and can be posted in the VidBlasterX Community. To keep the community organised, before posting please make sure you have read and followed the instructions below.

1. Confirm the problem is still present in the latest beta release, which can be found in the VidBlasterX Community. The latest beta version number can also be found by selecting Help > Check for Updates in VidBlasterX's main menu.

2. Verify the problem is not caused by hardware limitations by reducing the main video resolution and frame rate.

3. Try to pinpoint the problem as much as possible by gradually removing modules from your profile.

4. With your bug report include a screen shot of CPU core usage (Windows Task Manager > Performance > Change graph to logical processors), the CPU type, RAM speed and motherboard type.

5. When possible include steps to reproduce the issue.

When properly reported, rest assured bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.