The Signal generator module can be used to generate various test signals.

AV sync reference

White time/frame counter on black background. At every full second the frame inverts and is accompanied by 1000 sine wave at -24 dBFS, at every 10 seconds at -18 dBFS. The bar at the bottom consists of 32 evenly spaced squares that can be black or white. The first 25/30 represent the frame number, resetting to 1 each second. At rates > 30 fps each square represents two frames and the single last square (31) signals the odd frame numbers.  The last square (32) signals the odd frame numbers since the start of each second.

Colour Bars

Colour bar pattern (white, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, blue, and black) with software, CPU & video information. Audio is a 1000 Hz sine wave at -18 dBFS.