If you ever find yourself in a situation where the result of your production is not as expected then there are several tools at your disposal to find out why.

If performance is an issue then the Signal Generator and Diagnostics modules are useful tools to test the PC and/or connected hardware, or simply monitor the program's internal status. They can also assist in finding out where delays or even frame drops are introduced.

To closely examine video signals both the Video diagnostic and Scopes module are at your disposal.

If the programs is not properly responding to user commands then the Log may provide additional information. If the program does not start at all, a profile reset (hold down left Shift key as the program starts) will clear the current profile and load a default profile instead.

To debug API commands, either from an internal or external source, the API Command Stack window may provide valuable information. Same goed for commands from external midi or x-keys input devices which can be monitored in the MIDI and X-keys event logs.

If you have a support contract further debug information can be send to the developer, most of this advanced functionality is hidden.