Multiview modules can be used to monitor video from one or more input or output modules (e.g. a Camera module or an NDI Output module) including optional alias, tally and audio meters. In turn this module can be used as a source for other modules enabling you to send the Multiview video to remote monitors (e.g. over NDI). Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.


Select the multiview layout.

View <number>

Select the video source for each view. Note this option is only available if Auto mode has not been set.

Properties > Audio Peak Meters

When set, each view includes an audio peak meter for the source.

Properties > Auto

When auto mode is set the sources for the views will match those in the program bus (the first two sources in +2 layouts will be PVW 1 & PGM 1).

Properties > Label

When set, each view includes the source's alias.

Properties > Source Tally

When this option is set tally status is taken from the view's (NDI) source instead of local bus tally.

Properties > Tally

When set, each view includes the source's tally.