The JLCooper I/O module¹ acts as a gateway between the Elite C controller and the modules required to setup a professional slomo/replay system that will feel familiar to most professional slomo operators. Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.


Switches all connected Slomo modules off. Note SSD drives can handle a limited amount of write cycles so always switch off your replay system (or use this option) to reduce wear of your drives.  


Bus dedicated for program/preview use. Typically a MIX bus will be used for this, but on dedicated systems the Program bus can be used as well. Add a MIX bus to your profile and select it here. The bus will automatically be programmed and can be ignored and (optionally) minimised.


When possible, clips are saved with an additional amount of recording before and after the intended clip. The amount of seconds of this guardband is set here.


Playlist module used to create playlists.


Opens a dialog to set the TCP port (default 9980).

¹ Available in Broadcast edition only