The Overlay Module

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One or more Overlay modules can be added by selecting Modules | Add | Overlay. A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below (right click the module to get access to its popup menu).


If an overlay is loaded, it will be displayed here.

File list

Allows for quick opening of files in the current folder.


Text entered here will be properly aligned, resized and added to the overlay. The following special codes are available:

\n                        inserts a line break

%T%                        inserts the system time (in Windows' local format)

%T{+|-}hh:mm:ss%        like %T% but with an offset (in 24 hour format), e.g. to display the time 15 hours later use %T+15:00:00%, for 90 minutes earlier use %T-01:30:00%

%Tzhh:mm:ss%        like %T% but as a countdown to the specified time (in 24 hour format), e.g. at 09:45:01 %Tz10:00:00% will be converted to 00:14:59

%Tm<module>%        like %T% but showing elapsed time from <module>, e.g. %TmStreamer 1%


Switch overlay on.


Switch overlay off.


Displays the Open dialog to load a file. Instead of using this command, you can also drag & drop a file on the module. Note this module has an automatic watch function: if a change in the file is detected it will automatically refresh (supported in Windows Vista & up).


Displays Font dialog to select font properties.


Set desired text alignment (left, center, right).


Set desired margins for text placement.

Text From

To let another module automatically update the text editor, e.g. with artist/song information from a player module, select it here. To update the editor from another application, use the API.


Clears the graphic, i.e. unloads the file.

Remove Module

Removes the module.