The Player Module

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The Player module is used to play a multitude of video formats with support for transparency. Note transparent video must have premultiplied alpha. Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.


Displays the Open dialog to load a file. Instead of using this command, you can also drag & drop a file on the module.


Starts or continues playing the video. If the video is pausing at the last frame it will rewind first.


The effect of this command depends on the status of the player: when a video is playing clicking Stop will pause the video. When the video is paused, clicking Stop will rewind the video. To stop and rewind a playing video click Stop twice.

Open Recent

Displays a list of recently opened files.

Open Recent | Clear Recent Items

Clears the list.

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio of the player's video output. Select Auto to use it's original aspect ratio.

Audio Device

The player's audio signal will be output through this device.

Audio Output

The audio device's output to be used. Note stereo outputs can be used as two mono outputs.


As VidBlasterX only supports progressive video, all interlaced video signals must be deinterlaced first. Enable this option to activate the deinterlacer.

Display Size

Allows you to choose the size of the display. Note that sizes other than Default will give a controlless module, i.e. just the display.


When set, player will play continuously.

Play On Take

When set, playing will automatically start when the player is selected for program video.

Smooth Resampling

When activated, the resampling of video frames, i.e. scaling up or down, is processed more accurately. Note this feature may consume extra resources.

Take On Stop

When set, the video switcher will perform a transition as soon as the player stops playing in program video (either because it has been stopped manually or because it reached the end of the file).


Select transition used when Trans is clicked.

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio of the player's video output. Select Auto to use the file's original aspect ratio.


Shows file related information.

Remove Module

Clears and removes the module.