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Click View | Macros to open the Macros window. Macros are used to execute one or more commands using a single shortcut or API command. They can be used to create simple or powerful shortcuts, for key mapping, to shorten API communication or test API commands. Each macro has a serial number, an optional description, one or more commands and an optionally assigned shortcut. Each item can be viewed and edited inline (click it twice) or using the multi line Editor dialog (right click the item and select Editor). A macro can be easily tested using the popup menu's Execute command.


The macro number, used when referencing macros.


Optional description of the macro.


One or more commands to be executed. Note commands use the API command set (e.g. to start the first player use apiwrite player 1, play, true). Individual commands are separated by the vertical bar character (|) when edited or viewed inline, the Editor dialog automatically translates vertical bars to new lines and vice versa.


To execute a macro outside the API it requires a shortcut to be assigned to it. Typically this will be a function key combined with Shift, Ctrl and/or Alt (e.g. Shift+Ctrl+F1). Shortcuts can be viewed and edited as text inline or in the Editor. You can also "record" a shortcut by selecting Record from the popup menu and pressing the key combination that makes the shortcut.