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Video capture cards from Blackmagic, especially the DeckLink range, are highly popular thanks to their high quality and low prices. They do however require some special care, both when installing them in your PC and setting them up in VidBlasterX. First make sure the cards work properly in your PC, as they are not compatible with all motherboards. A list of supported motherboards is unfortunately not available at this point. Second, Blackmagic has stopped support for old Windows versions as well as 32 bit, so make sure to use a modern 64 bit Windows version. Blackmagic advises 2 GB of memory per card installed so make sure to have enough memory available. Third, make sure to choose the same resolution and frame rate in VidBlasterX's Camera module as the applied video signal, or the card will not work and provide you with black video. Obviously you also need to make sure to select the correct input.