additem video|audio|AV, <clip>, <angle>, [<speed>, [<inoffset>, [<outoffset>, [<transition>, [<description>]]]]]

Adds video, audio or both as item to current playlist. Default speed is 100%, default offsets 0, default transition hard cut, default description empty. Playlists can be updated during playout, but current and upcoming clip should not be changed.


Clears playlist.

loadlist <filename>

Loads playlist <filename>.


Start playout.


Returns name of the clip currently playing, or empty string if not playing.

savelist <filename>

Saves current playlist to <filename>.

speed <percent>

Sets overall playout speed to <percent>. The speed set here is multiplied by the speed setting of each item in the playlist. Default is 100%.


Pauses playout. If playout was already paused this will reset and pause playout at the first item.

timecode, <timecode>

Write to this pin to change the <timecode>. Timecode is considered absolute unless it is preceded by a plus or minus sign in which case it is relative to the current timecode.
Read from this pin to get the current timecode.


onerror, <module>, <message>

Triggered when an error occurs loading a playlist. 


The following example adds the video part of clip #123 to the playlist with all default settings.

apiwrite playout, additem, video, 123