VidBlaster is free to try for as long as you want, you may even use it for non-commercial productions and educational purposes. Licensing VidBlaster will allow you to use it for commercial productions and will remove the trial logo. 

Product philosophy

Some video software products have a limited range of configuration options and have quite rigid hardware requirements – often based on what was available at the time the product was being designed. VidBlaster is different in offering a truly modular design which creates a vast number of permutations in the way it can be configured, allows connection to a wide variety of input and output hardware, and processes a range of frame rates and image sizes from sub-SD up to UHD/4K. The result of this forward-thinking approach is that the VidBlaster software is continually pushing past the boundaries of what is theoretically possible using today's PC hardware. The implication of that, at any point in time, is that not all combinations of features and settings are going to be possible on current PC platforms, whilst we wait for the hardware to “catch up” with the software. It is therefore essential to take advantage of the Trial edition so as to ensure that VidBlasterX is suitable for your particular application before purchasing. The process of buying a licence does not include delivery of any physical media, so you should first download a copy of the software from the web site. It will run in trial mode, with an on-screen "watermark" graphic, until you buy a licence and enter the Licence Key. 

The licence

The Studio and Broadcast editions come with a desktop licence. The desktop licence is for a single (virtual) PC, i.e. it should not be installed on multiple machines, and allows multiple non-simultaneous users. If you need to run VidBlaster on multiple (virtual) desktops, you will need to buy a licence for each one.

VidBlasterX Broadcast 4K comes with a floating licence for one or more seats. You may install the software on as many (virtual) PCs as you like, but only the number of seats ordered is allowed to run simultaneously. 

Obtaining and entering a licence key

A licence key is valid for one year. Each time you extend your licence with another year you will need to purchase a new licence key. The licence is delivered by e-mail. It is primarily your responsibility to take care of it and not to lose it. Copy and paste the licence key into the Licence Key input dialog (Help > Licence Key). A notification will inform you if activation of the licence is successful.


When you purchased your VidBlasterX Broadcast 4K licence you will have specified the number of seats you wish to include. Every time you start the licensed application it will automatically check if seats are still available and if so, awarded. If no seats are left you will be notified of this and another application will need to be closed to continue. Note that licensed applications that are not reported as closed will automatically give up their seat within an hour.