Writes data to a module.

apiwrite module, pin, value



       Name of module or (internal) function. This is usually the module's name and index, e.g. Camera 1. To address all modules of the same type at once use an index of 0, e.g. Camera 0.


       Name of pin. Pin names are case insensitive.


       Value(s) to be written. The type of value (e.g. text, integer, boolean) depends on the pin. Multiple values are separated by commas.


The apiwrite function writes a value to a module's pin. If this is a text and you wish to use commas, leading and/or trailing spaces then use escaping. Escaping (\xhh, where hh is the hexadecimal value of the character) is supported to embed special characters in a text string (like commas and double quotes). Note some apiwrite commands address internal functions, here the module parameter is used to indicate the internal function (e.g. macro).


The following example sets the name of team 1 in the module Scoreboard 1.

apiwrite scoreboard 1, team1, Chicago "Bulls"