The Virtual Video Output module is used to send video to a virtual video device (the VidBlaster VVD) that another application can use as video input. This enables you to send video to other applications like Skype¹, Google Hangouts or Flash Media Live Encoder.

Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.


Starts output to the virtual video device.


Stops output to the virtual video device, last video frame sent will always be black.

Note that currently only one Virtual Video Output module can be loaded.

¹ Unfortunately Skype has blocked the use of virtual video devices after v7.16.0.102 and also prevents the use of older versions. Any developments on this will be posted in the VidBlasterX Community. Meanwhile a workaround is to output video to a separate display and use Skype's screen sharing feature to get the video into Skype.