The TCP Server module consists of two servers. The command server enables other applications to access the API from anywhere in the world, sending instructions to the program and retrieving status information. The event server sends event messages for a select number of triggers. The following events are currently supported.

onmodules, <modules>

Triggered when a module is added or removed from the current profile. Includes a comma-separated list of all modules in the current profile.

onselected, <module>, <source>, <alias>, <index>

Triggered when a bus source is (de)selected. Includes a comma-separated list of selected sources, their alias and bus index.

The module displays the local IP address and port numbers through which it can be accessed. A red tally will light up when a client connects to the server. Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entry is available.

Port Number

Set the port number.