VidBlasterX is a native 64 bit program and requires a 64 bit version of Windows 7 or higher. Installing the program is straightforward and should not pose any problems. After installing a reboot may be required but only if you are prompted to do so. VidBlasterX can coexist with earlier major version of the program, each will have their unique folder and shortcuts, enabling you to trial new versions while continuing to use your current production version. At first run the program will check for a recent older version and attempt to import its profile.

Upgrade v4 to v5

When upgrading a profile from v4 to v5, any overlay modules will be automatically replaced by Still Store modules. The overlay effect itself will be created using an Effects bus (Modules > Add > Switcher > Effects Bus) with two or more sources selected. Typically the first source will be PGM 1 and to its right the still store module(s) with the overlay(s).

Resetting the profile

Changes in Windows, in device drivers or hardware may prevent VidBlasterX from starting properly. If you hold down the left Shift key while starting the program you will be queried if you want to load the default profile. Choose Yes and VidBlasterX will ignore any stored profiles and load the default profile instead, thus avoiding any errors caused by third party drivers.

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