API Command apiwrite

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Writes data to a module.

apiwrite module, pin, value



       Name of module or (internal) function.


       Name of pin. Pin names are case insensitive.


       Value to be written. The type of value (e.g. text, integer, boolean) depends on the pin.


The apiwrite function writes a value to a module's pin. If this is a text and you wish to have leading spaces then use double quotes around the text. Note the value parameter supports escaping (\xhh, where hh is the hexadecimal value of the character), you will need this to embed special characters in a text string (like comma and double quotes). Note some apiwrite commands address internal functions, here the module parameter is used to indicate the internal function (e.g. macro).


The following example selects Camera 1 as Source 1 of Effect module 1.

apiwrite effect 1, source1, Camera 1

The following example writes a text with leading spaces and two special characters to an overlay module.

apiwrite overlay 1, text, "     A text with leading spaces and an embedded double quote:\x22 and comma:\x2c."