The Switcher Module

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The Switcher module can be added from the menu by selecting Modules | Add | Video Switcher. It consists of 2 buses, a Program bus and a Preview bus. Each bus contains several radio buttons, which select (and indicate) which video source is selected for the corresponding monitor. Buttons are automatically added or removed when the number of modules changes. Each button has a label indicating the corresponding short cut key on the numeric keypad. Using a (wireless) numeric keypad allows for rapid switching and eliminates the need for a mouse. Three extra short cuts are available: Enter for Cut, Add (+) for Trans and Num Lock to switch control between the two buses. For unmanned automatic video switching select the desired interval time under Auto and check the flags of the video sources you like to be used.

Right click the module to get access to its popup menu.


Creates a smaller version of the Video Switcher with only the 2 Black buttons.

Remove Module

Removes the module.