The Output Module

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The Output module is used to send video from any source to a graphics card, a Blackmagic DeckLink card or to another application using the Virtual Video Device. If you intend to display video on an external hardware device, most likely a monitor, then using a dedicated video output card like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro (HDMI) or DeckLink Duo (SDI) will offer far better quality than a graphics card. If you do decide to use a graphics card then make sure the Windows desktop is extended to include this card.

Right click the module to open its popup menu. A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below.


Shows the video that is sent to the output.


The video source, this can be any module that sources video.


The video destination, i.e. the target to which the video will be sent. This can be a display connected to a video graphics card, a Blackmagic DeckLink card or another application. Select VidBlasterX VVD (Virtual Video Device, also  known as virtual camera) if you wish to route video to another application like FMLE, Skype and Google Plus Hangouts. Note only one VVD is available, but multiple applications can connect to it. Note as a safety measure the primary display is not available.


Starts output of the video.


Blanks the video output (black).

Display Mode

Select the DeckLink card's output video resolution and frame rate. If a video card or the VVD is selected then this will be automatically set.


To output anamorphic widescreen video, i.e. horizontally compress 16:9 video frames to 4:3, check this flag.