The Effect Module

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One or more Effect modules can be added by selecting Modules | Add | Effect. Note video effects use a lot of resources so use them wisely.

A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below (right click the module to get access to its popup menu).


If a video effect is active, its output will be displayed here.

Video Effect

Select the desired video effect here. Note that if PiP is selected the inserted image can be dragged, resized (drag bottom-right corner) and cropped (drag any of the sides).

Source 1

Select source 1 from the list. For Chroma Key this is the foreground, i.e. the video source with the green/blue screen. For Source Overlay this is the video source.

Source 2

Select source 2 from the list. For Chroma Key this is the background, i.e. the video source that will be keyed in. For Source Overlay this is the Video Overlay module that holds the overlay.


Hard cut to the video effect's video signal. In the Studio edition, this is a shortcut to selecting the video effect in the Video Switcher's program bus.


Start a video transition using Transition setting in the popup menu. In the Studio edition, this is a shortcut to selecting the player in the Video Switcher's preview bus, choosing the desired transition and making a transition.

Source 3

Select source 3 from the list.

Source 4

Select source 4 from the list.


Select source to be used as a background for the selected video effect. Note this will have no effect if a video effect already fills the entire frame.


Select transition used when Trans is clicked.

Auto Key

Automatically computes the chroma key, use this when Source 1 shows the green/blue screen.

Advanced Settings

Extends the module with the Advanced Settings dialog for the Chroma Key or Mix effect.


Clears the video effect.

Remove Module

Removes the module.