The Still Store Module

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One or more Still Store modules can be added by selecting Modules | Add | Still Store.

A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below (right click the module to get access to its popup menu).


Shows the latest still.


Loads the previous still from the currently selected folder (through the Open or Open Recent commands).


Loads the next still from the currently selected folder (through the Open or Open Recent commands).


Grabs a still from the selected video source.


Saves the current still to disk. If the Auto Save option is on the still will be saved without further interaction, if it is off a Save file dialog will open.


Select a video source from the list, this applies to the Grab command.


Opens a dialog to load a still (bmp, jpg, png) from disk.

Open Recent

Shows a list of recently opened stills.

Auto Save

When this flag is checked the usual Save file dialog after clicking the Save button will be suppressed and the file will be saved without further interaction. The file name and location is derived from the last manual save, where the name is extended with an underscore followed by a 3 digit serial number (e.g. lastname_001.jpg). Numbering will reset to 1 after each startup and existing files will be overwritten without warning. If any errors occur during saving (e.g. rights issues) they are suppressed and the file is not saved. If a still has not yet been saved manually, and as a result no file name is yet available, this menu item will be disabled and the flag ignored.


Select transition used when Trans is clicked.

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio of the image. Select Auto to use the original aspect ratio. Note this only applies to images loaded from a file (the file will be reloaded when a different aspect ratio is chosen).


Clears the still.


Shows a dialog with relevant information.

Remove Module

Removes the module.