The Replay Controller Module

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The Replay Controller module is the heart of the replay server and used to mark, store and recall clips for replay.

A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below (right click the module to get access to its popup menu).


Mark in point.


Activates all replay sources and sets them to display live video.


Mark out point and create entry in clip list.


Use this control to move backward or forward in time.


Lists all saved clips, showing their description, in point and length. Note clips are merely in and out points to the recordings of the replay sources and are not actually saved, they will be lost when the module is cleared, removed or when the program exists. Double click the Clip name to edit it.

Replay Source

Used to select the active replay source. Clicking the display of a replay source module has the same effect.


Start playback.


Stop playback. Note clicking Live, moving the shuttle or selecting a clip will also stop playback.


Playback speed controller, set playback speed between 0..100 % of standard frame rate.


Stops all replay sources. Note this will pause the recording but will not erase it.


Show information about this module.


Clears clips. Stops and clears all replay sources. Note this will also erase their recordings.

Remove Module

Removes the module.