The IP Decoder Module

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The IP Decoder module is used to process and decode audio and video from incoming RTSP, RTMP & (multicast) UDP streams.

The module consists of a display, an operator field and Start and Stop buttons. Right click the module to open its popup menu. A description of all controls, commands and options is listed below.


If a stream is being received the display will show its video.


Use this field to enter the source's operator name or any other applicable description of the video stream's source.


Starts receiving & decoding of the stream.


Stops receiving & decoding of the stream.


Displays a dialog to enter the URL of the stream.

Open Recent

Displays a list of recently opened URLs.


Select transition used when the display is clicked.

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio of the stream's video. Select Auto to use it's original aspect ratio.

Audio Device

The stream's audio signal will be output through this device.

Audio Output

The audio device's output to be used. Note stereo outputs can be used as two mono outputs.

Low Latency

In this mode the automatic cache is disabled and minimal video and audio buffers are maintained. Note this mode is only possible for high quality streams that have no PTS offset between audio and video and are uninterrupted. Typical example would be the Teradek Cube on wired (or high quality wireless) LAN.

Display Size

Allows you to choose the size of the display. Note that sizes other than Default will give a controlless module, i.e. just the display.


Shows IP source's details as well as stream status and current memory usage.

Remove Module

Clears and removes the module.

Note: Keep in mind that memory usage required to buffer video frames, in order to sync them with the audio stream, increases with audio delay and with frame size (width*height). The limits of available memory can easily be reached receiving a single full HD (1920*1080) stream. Even though VidBlasterX will abort the stream and display an error message when it runs out of memory it can already become unstable before that point has been reached.