DIY Tally System

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For DIY tally lights projects, or commercial systems that are not natively supported, the Tally Lights module has built-in support for a generic driver. The driver is automatically detected when installed in the following location off the VidBlasterX folder: Plugins\Tally\Generic\Tally.exe. Typically this will be C:\Program Files\CombiTech\VidBlasterX\Plugins\Tally\Generic\Tally.exe. The driver, Tally.exe, will be called with each switcher status change an 8 digit argument, where each digit can be 0 (off), 1 (preview), 2 (program) or 3 (preview & program). E.g. an argument 20000021 means cameras 2 & 8 are selected for program and camera 1 for preview.