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"secured fantastic live streaming rights"

...I thought I should let you know that Quipu TV, the company I formed recently with two other BBC producers, has secured fantastic live streaming rights from the International Cricket Council for several forthcoming events in the UAE! ... we have been given the rights to cover the opening match of the England squad's tour to play Test matches against Pakistan. This is a three-day warm-up game on 7-9 January in Dubai between England and a Select team from the Associate (second-tier) nations, in which Quipu TV is particularly interested. We believe this will get considerable interest around the cricketing world - especially among England fans - and our audience could reach five figures, even with Pay-Per-View, which we will be using to protect our finances as we are obliged to use an ad-free platform. Our coverage will be embedded in or linked from perhaps a dozen websites around the world. 


We will, of course, be using Vidblaster (1.36) as our production platform, with 4/5 cameras ... and a six-man crew. We will certainly be making full use of the features of your software, including replays ... video effects, overlays, scoreboards and lots of play-in modules. We will be on the air for eight continuous hours per day for the three days of the game (unless it finishes earlier).


Mike Stanger, QuipuTV, UK