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"I'm now sold on software switching"

I got the P8P67 Pro 3 and packed it with a 2600K, 4 BMI Intensity Pro cards, two Sata III SSDs, and 16GB of 1600mhz ram.

The result: I'm plowing through 4 cameras in 720p with zero stuttering, and it's stable running for days at a time. That includes replay modules on every camera, overlays on every camera, live keying, steaming module, recording module, etc.

Without Vidblaster, none of this would even be possible, as I'd not have the budget necessary to even get my foot into the door of the broadcast market (I own a production company called Runout Media that does sports content for DVD and TV, but previously did not have the funds necessary to do live events until Vidblaster came along).

I'm now sold on software switching, as this system provides almost all the functionality from expensive hardware solutions.

Nathan DuMoulin, Runout Media, Canada