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VidBlasterX is the new VidBlaster!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Last year VidBlasterX was introduced as a direct subscription-based replacement for VidBlaster. In the past year VidBlasterX has been received extremely well, many are very pleased with the (much) lower price and free upgrades. As of today, VidBlasterX officially replaces VidBlaster and the VidBlaster store is now closed. Check the VidBlasterX site for more information, a free download and links to the online Help and Store. News about releases and demo videos will be posted on the VidBlasterX facebook page. News about ongoing developments as well as discussions can be followed in the VidBlasterX community on facebook. See you there!




VidBlaster 4 - Ready for Windows 10

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

With the release of Windows 10 we're also releasing VidBlaster v4 which is fully compatible with Microsoft's new operating system. The speed improvements of Windows 10, combined with the completely rewritten Player, Recorder and Streamer modules will make your system fly! New features like the Playout controller, Screen Capture module, multi-channel audio output, standard AAC audio compression and dynamic overlays make VidBlaster 4 the most powerful and versatile live video production software for the PC!

Let's get into some of these new features in more detail..

Check out the low CPU usage (57%) in this screenshot, taken from a laptop (!) running 3 HD cameras and an HD live stream.


On VidBlaster's facebook page you can find more examples of live and recorded tests, as well as lots of other information, suggestions and tips.


The new Screen Capture module, replacing the screen capture feature of the old Camera I module, is much easier to use as it automatically follows the position of captured windows. It has also been extended with a Skype Video selection that automatically grabs the video portion of the Skype window, as shown above.


A powerful 'watch' function has been added to the Overlay module. This function permanently monitors the loaded graphic and reloads it when an update is detected. This can be extremely handy e.g. when another application, or even an off-site operator, is updating the score bugs.

The new Playout controller replaces the old playlist module and adds important features that make it more powerful (API commands) and flexible (add, insert, drag & drop, etc.).



The new, more efficient, Recorder module introduces several new formats, including support of the powerful H264 codec..

RecorderIIContainer PlayerFilters

..while the new Player module (right) has added support for just about any format in existence.


Make sure to check out VidBlaster's new Help which is now also available online..



.. as well as the new VidBlasterX, equal to VidBlaster Studio or Broadcast, which comes with a subscription based desktop licence.



Download the new VidBlaster here.

Note the Trial edition is equal to the Studio edition. If you do not have a current licence then you can order one for VidBlaster Home, Pro, Studio or Broadcast in the store or at your local reseller. Upgrade licences are available at a discount. Make sure you order the correct licence, more information about licensing can be found here. You can use the free upgrade option in VidBlaster's Registration window if you purchased a v3 licence less than one year ago. VidBlaster Studio & Broadcast are also available with a subscription-based licence as VidBlasterX.

In conclusion, here's a list of the most important changes since the last release:

  • Player: increased responsiveness of display, time label & progress bar when seeking.
  • IP Decoder & Player: improved audio output quality (now fully processed in floating point).
  • Recorder: added 'savesilent' pin.
  • Replay Controller: added in & out pins.
  • Streamer: added pins audiodevice & audioinput.
  • Powerpoint: added popup menu entry First.
  • Scoreboard: added video pin (visible as video source in other modules).
  • Effect: added Mix effect.
  • Macros: added shortcuts PgUp & PgDn.
  • Diagnostics: added lost frame indication to Video diagnostic.
  • Added Playout controller.
  • Player: added Open Recent | Clear Recent Items.
  • IP Decoder: supports multi-channel audio outputs.
  • Recorder: added recording format MPEG-1 Master (lighter on resources).
  • Signal Generator: Beeps now at -24 dBFS, -18 dBFS every 10 s with long beep at whole minute.
  • Signal Generator: now syncs to master clock (was free running).
  • Diagnostics: added Data diagnostic (bit rate monitoring).
  • Popup menu's Save Debug Log moved to File | Save Service Log (hidden).
  • Streamer III: new menu style with logical order, not alphabetical.
  • Added support for Sunday Streams special edition.
  • Player: added aspectratio & playing pins.
  • Still Store: added support for loading PNG format.
  • Streamer: added support for UDP Multicast.
  • About: added OEM support for product name, company URL & contact.
  • Output, Recorder & Streamer: trial logo now programmatically resized for better quality.
  • Output, Recorder & Streamer: OEM trial logo supported.
  • Audio Player: added "play" pin.
  • Playout: added support for Audio Player.
  • Playout: added pins 'file' & 'player'.
  • Streamer III: added support for ScaleEngine.
  • Powerpoint: added popup menu entry Loop.
  • Macros: added support for column resizing.
  • Macros: column sizes and window position & size stored.
  • Playout: added automatic scrolling during internal dragging.
  • Added Tally Lights module.
  • Overlay: added watch feature, png now dynamically updated.
  • Tally Lights: added support for generic tally lights system.
  • Output & Scoreboard modules now also available in Home edition.
  • Camera: Crop now available in all editions.
  • Screen Capture: added 'Skype Video' feature.
  • Screen Capture: added Crop feature.
  • Recorder (II): added time label and Record & Stop buttons.
  • Recorder (II): added API pins audiodevice, audioinput & source.
  • Recorder (II): added Audio Delay option.
  • Output: now uses less resources.
  • Output: added popup menu entries On, Off, Source (replaces drop down list), Destination & Display Size.
  • Output: added popup menu with Clear command to display.
  • Output: list of destinations now updated dynamically.
  • Streamer default settings now require less CPU.
  • Streamer: stream type FMS now also supports login credentials.
  • Added support for CDN Streaming Praise TV.
  • Screen capture: added drop down list control for Capture Window selection.
  • Diagnostics & Signal Generator now also available in Studio edition.
  • VidBlaster now DPI-Aware (enables capturing windows on high DPI screens).
  • IP Decoder now available in all editions.
  • Streamer: Studio edition support video bit rates up to 5 Mbps (was 1 Mbps).
  • Streamer: Pro edition supports video bit rates up to 2.5 Mbps (was 1 Mbps).
  • Streamer: OEM trial logo supported.
  • Player: now defaults to Windows' default audio device.
  • Still Store: added API pins 'cut' & 'file'.
  • Player: added API pin 'cut'.
  • Recorder & Streamer: now defaults to Windows' default audio device.
  • Various fixes & improvements.
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